Welcome to Genautica !

Established in December of 2010, Genautica is a California LLC located in Agoura Hills, California. Being in the suburb of Los Angeles has many advantages, such as close proximity to Hollywood, Pasadena, Silicon Valley and the Biotech Hub of San Diego.

Genautica has seed-funded Diagnomics, a biotech company employing an highly qualified team of scientists including early pioneers in sequencing the human genome. Through its investment in Diagnomics, Genautica has also been an early partner with the EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) in Korea, which went public in 2018 on KOSDAQ, the Korean tech stock market.

Scientific advancement in genomic medicine is enabling to diagnose diseases earlier and more precisely. That in turn, allows to predict health risk more accurately, and to ultimately achieve a truly personalized treatment. In fact, several recent technology breakthroughs in next generation sequencing have accelerated the adaptation of personal genomics, and it is expected that the cost to do whole genome sequencing will fall to less than $500 within the next few years. Accurate and affordable sequencing coupled with an advanced genome analysis, will ultimately usher in a new era of personalized medicine.

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Diagnomics provides complete personal genome sequencing and bioinformatics solutions to biomedical researchers, physicians, and individuals seeking to understand the roles genes play in personal health and disease. Our vision is to develop complete solutions for personal genome sequencing and annotation, which in turn will enable the sequencing of individual genomes to be part of routine medical care in the not to distant future.

Diagnomics envisions a future where cooperation between patients, physicians, and scientists enables truly personalized medicine. This personalized medicine approach recognizes patients as individuals, and targets their diseases with more accurate information resulting in more effective therapies and treatments ultimately improving individual well being.

IT Infrastructure

During recent years, one notable trend is the convergence of biotechnology and information technology (IT). Major IT advances have influenced and cross-fertilized bioinformatics and allows us now to advance genome analysis to a point that can lead to more precise personalized medicine. We are taking high-throughput computation and informatics seriously, and are constantly upgrading our server farm and softwares to enable cutting-edge bioinformatics for state-of-the-art genomic analysis. To that end, we house our IT infrastructure at a world class data center. Our server farm is located in San Diego, California at the ScaleMatrix facility and we have plans to build multiple data centers worldwide. Diagnomics is one of the first genomics companies in the cloud space and our software is highly advanced.

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